About Us

The Owners of Studio On 1st

Our story began in the small town of Delisle, Saskatchewan. Although Julie has been a hair stylist for 40 years, and Delmar a Civic Employer for 35 years (now retired), they have both dreamt of owning their own clothing boutique. That reality came true in 2015. Their vision was to offer beautiful and trendy clothes for all types of women. Though there has been many challenges over the years, opening Studio On 1st has been a dream come true.

We love fashion, but what we love more is helping our customers feel amazing! We only select pieces from brands that we truly love. We care about the fit, quality, and value just as much as we care about how it looks. Our ultimate goal is to create a one of a kind experience for everyone who steps in our boutique, and to leave them feeling happy and self-confident.

We are more than a small town shop - We are a place to feel inspired, to experiment, and to discover your individual style. Whether you like casual, expressive or free-spirited clothes, we are here to help you find those treasured pieces to reflect your personality.


- Julie & Delm