Native Jefferson Shoe

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No unfamiliarity for the foot here, the Jefferson is the fearless leader of our EVA offering. Encompassing all of the fine features that you'd expect from a Native shoe, the Jefferson is shock absorbent, odor resistant, hand-washable, and comes in an infinite assortment of colors and treatments. Expect nothing less from the conductor of the lite-weight express.

Native believes in living lightly. It seems the heavier the world gets, the more it needs lightness. Lightness is why they’re here. It guides them to design products and experiences that create a lighter, healthier, happier world for us all. Each time you wear a pair of Native Shoes, you are making an impact.

By 2023, each and every pair of Native Shoes will be 100% life cycle managed. The Remix Project recycles your well-loved Native Shoes by giving them new life in projects across the community.